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Crofton designs new cooling and heating systems for world famous Abbey Road Studios

Wednesday, June 22, 2016
Crofton has completed the design, specification and monitoring of the roof-top cooling and heating plant at the world famous Abbey Road Studios in North London used by many of the great pop artists of the last 50 years including the Beatles and Rolling Stones.

The £140,000 project was undertaken on Studio One, the largest of the Abbey Road studios, where the existing chillers and central heating system had outlived their useful life.

Recording equipment is sensitive to vibrations and noise transmitted through the building structure and this needed to be factored in on both the design and installation. 

Associate Director, Ian Marriott, comments: “the chillers sit on anti-vibration mountings set on a steel frame that were designed by our structures team to mitigate the effect of the vibrations.

 “The chillers and the central heating boiler which we specified, because of technology advances, are much more energy-efficient than the previous equipment that had been installed in the 1960s.”

The new boiler is a 250Kw Wessex HE gas-fired boiler and two Airedale Ultimate Compact chillers have been installed. 

The project had to be undertaken outside working hours as the overall studio complex remained in operation during the 5-month contract and agreement was reached with the local authority on restricted noise levels to ensure minimum disruption to local residents.

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