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Practical, informative advice is needed throughout all stages of a construction project. Crofton engineers are able to provide consultancy services to ensure that your project meets the required standards and complies with current regulations.

Services we provide include:

  • Asset management plans - Especially useful for clients with large estates, such as factories, laboratories, hospitals, schools and universities, as well as residential estates.

    Our engineers have a wealth of practical experience across a range of industry sectors and can provide long-term plans and budget forecasts for the management of property and infrastructure.

  • Benchmark compliance - We are able to provide bench marking services to help you monitor and improve your building’s performance throughout its lifetime, leading to a reduction of running costs for both energy use and loss of service.

    This can be a simple desk top study referring to utility energy use records, or a more comprehensive approach involving installation of strategic metering facilities.

  • Site procurement advice / acquisition reports - Our comprehensive reports include all the information you need to understand what implications your new site will have for your construction plans. Experienced Crofton engineers can provide advice on your next move and make recommendations for the next steps in the construction process.

  • Infrastructure Analysis - One of first concerns in considering a new development is to establish the ability of the local utility infrastructure to support the scheme, in terms of energy utilities, water, drainage, connectivity and any special requirements of the scheme.

    We provide an early prediction of utility requirement drawing on expertise in developing energy strategies, and predictive load analysis across a range of sectors.

    Considered against comprehensive investigations and liaison with key utility providers the impact of the scheme and infrastructure viability evaluated.

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