Excellence in Engineering

Our brand mantra:
"Excellence in Engineering"

Our mission:
Crofton’s mission is to serve the construction industry by delivering technology-driven and innovative design solutions that are cost-effective, environmentally-friendly and compliant with UK legislation and industry standards.

Our vision:
Our vision for Crofton is a modern collaborative workplace where employees are valued and nurtured.  It is a vision of a customer-centric environment that encourages creativity and innovation, where employees love to design technology-driven and greener building solutions that benefit local communities, and that are admired within and outside the industry.  

Our vision for the industry is a reality where technology-driven and environmentally-friendly techniques and materials are, by default, an integral part of the building services practices around the globe.  Knowledge and best practice are shared cross-boundaries openly and freely, to contribute positively to local by advancing industry standards and achieving cost-effectiveness while reducing the carbon footprint from the operations of the built environment.