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Over the years Crofton has undertaken numerous projects in and around many airports in the UK and Europe for bmi British Midland.

Projects have been diverse both in complexity and type, ranging from the refurbishment of operational hangars to offices and business lounge fit-outs.

One particular project of note is the bmi staff training centre at Heathrow. This building accommodates a centralised training facility for in house and third party cabin crew. A central atrium houses full size fuselage mock ups for realistic evacuation exercises. Two state of the art flight simulators are also housed in the same building.

Both facilities are located alongside audio visual rooms and classroom areas which are acoustically segregated from noisy activities in the atrium, allowing teaching activity to continue uninterrupted. Careful selection of plant and ducting was necessary to maintain high levels of noise insulation.

Aside from the usual engineering considerations, our considerable experience in liaising with airport operators and other stakeholders has lead us to develop management strategies to avoid problems associated with stakeholders with potentially conflicting aspirations.

These techniques are now applied throughout Crofton Design and have proved equally useful when working for other blue chip organizations.