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Bramley Infant School

Crofton was commissioned to carry out both structural and M&E design for the provision of a new multi-purpose hall, at Bramley Infant School, Surrey. A requirement of the project was to provide an energy efficient building which offers a comfortable environment for its occupants.

Crofton oversaw all stages of the M&E design; comprising electrical design for the lighting, new air handling unit and new boiler.

A new ventilation and heating system was designed to service the multi – purpose nature of the building. Consisting of a roof mounted heat recovery air handling unit, fresh air is distributed through a network of thermally insulated steel ductwork and then supplied into the space via high level jet diffusers.

The principle of the heat recovery system is to supply air that is preheated by the extract air via the integrated heat exchanger matrix. The ventilation unit automatically varies the ventilation rate as it receives signals from a C0² sensor.

Heating is provided to the space via a new high efficiency boiler plant and emitters. The installation consists of a commercial high efficiency boiler (95% efficiency) located in the building plant room and combined with an under floor heating system. The under floor heating system is particularly appropriate to this application as it meets the client needs to keep the walls clear and also suits the new large double height space. The heating system is controlled via a series of temperature sensors located in strategic positions in the space.

Structurally, Crofton engineers designed and detailed below ground drainage, foundations and a new entrance to the main school building.

As the school is situated on a tight, sloping site, the foundations needed to be designed in conjunction with the S.I.Ps building designers. An additional challenge was to leave an existing stone retaining wall undisturbed during construction.

A close working relationship with the ground workers was vital, in order to alter depths and design as site conditions progressed in order to ensure the most economical solution possible within the tight timeframe.