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Brighton and Sussex University Hospital

Brighton & Sussex University Hospital provides general and specialist healthcare services to people across Brighton, Hove and Mid-Sussex.

As part of general upgrade works to four Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals, Crofton was commissioned to provide M&E services design for the refurbishment and extension of the existing Neonatal facilities, located on the 14th floor of the Thomas Kemp tower block at the Royal Sussex County Hospital.

Incorporating the creation of two Special Care Baby Units (SCBUs), the high dependency unit was refurbished and the nursery re-located to the other side of the ward to free up additional space.

The complex M&E services incorporated life critical monitoring systems, medical gasses, nurse call alarms and safety isolated power supplies (SIPS). Crofton engineers liaised directly with Neonatal consultants to ensure the requirements could be accommodated, for example, due to low windows power sockets needed to be specially designed to run across the ledges.

Relocation of the infants was not possible, so the unit had to remain operational during the works and all medical supplies, such as gas needed to be maintained throughout the construction phase of the project. This led to excellent working relationship between the engineers, contractors and nurses on site.

One of the major issues during construction was to maintain minimum levels of noise and vibrations, as the smallest shock could be life-threatening to the sick babies. When bereavements occurred on the ward, all design team members engaged in a period of reflection and respect alongside the medial staff.