Excellence in Engineering


Burnt Oak Junior School

Crofton was appointed to undertake the detailed design of a 1000m² new build teaching facility at Burnt Oak Junior School, Sidcup. 

The design philosophy of the scheme was to provide an energy efficient building which offers a comfortable learning environment for its occupants.  Emphasis was placed upon reducing the buildings projected primary energy consumption i.e. heating/cooling and lighting. 

The space conditioning design was based upon a hybrid system involving natural ventilation during the summer months and heat recovery ventilation during the winter months.  A typical classroom required approximately 7kW of heating, of which 6kW is the associated fresh air load.  With heat recovery ventilation, up to 70% of this normally rejected energy could be recovered.

In order to take maximum advantage of the heat recovery ventilation, the building was designed to have very low air leakage.  This coupled with high levels of thermal insulation within the building fabric should result in further reductions in heat losses and subsequently carbon emissions.

The summertime temperature of the teaching spaces was to be moderated by natural cross ventilation via high and low level openable windows also, utilising a night time cooling strategy to cool the high thermal mass of the building.  This removed the need for carbon intensive cooling equipment.

The design also incorporated energy efficient luminaires with automatic controls including day light sensing and presence detection.