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Diamond Light Source

Diamond Light Source is the UK’s national synchrotron facility. Located in South Oxfordshire, it generates brilliant beams of light, from infra-red to x-rays, which are used in a wide range of applications, from structural biology through fundamental physics and chemistry to cultural heritage. The facility includes a 3 GeV electron storage ring, injected from a 100 MeV linac through a full energy booster synchrotron, and has approval for 32 beam lines. 

The company is a joint venture funded by the UK Government through STFC (86%) and the Welcome Trust (14%). The facility represents the largest UK scientific investment for 40 years and can ultimately host up to 40 beamlines, with 19 currently operational and three more due to come online by 2012.

Crofton was appointed to the Design Consultancy framework in 2008 as the building services engineers for the M&E design. As well as supplementary projects, the framework includes the design of 12 new cabins and lead lined radiation shielded enclosures, which house each beamline. 

Crofton’s team is undertaking the design works to reduce the escalating temperatures currently reached within the equipment rack when experiments are being undertaken. The proposal to counterbalance this effect is through the installation of a second 100% recirculating air handling unit, operating in parallel with the installed air handling unit. Air will be ducted from high level at high velocity through flexible ducts to the bottom of the racks. 

Working with the Diamond team, Crofton is also providing full building services design for an extension to another enclosure. The existing enclosure will remain operational throughout the works, with the internal fittings being pre-fabricated off site to allow for minimal construction time. The extension will allow for further experiments from the same beamline. 

It has also been announced that Diamond Light Source has secured funding from the government for Phase III, which will include the construction of additional beamlines.