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Hackney Community College

Hackney Community College offers higher education and vocational training to students in East London. 

Crofton was originally commissioned by the college in 2009 to provide building services enabling works for the refurbishment of exiting blocks to provide new teaching facilities.

Since then, Crofton has been employed as the building services consulting engineer for the design of a new educational facility at the main Shoreditch campus. Having already undertaken the enabling works, Crofton has significant site knowledge and understanding of the works already taken place to date.

The new education facility will consist of teacher offices, 9 classrooms which include laboratory rooms for specialist equipment, open learning centre and DT project spaces. One requirement of the classrooms was the need for fume cupboards in order to dissipate hazardous fumes

One particular challenge faced will be to maximise number of occupants in the space, due to no floor voids to provide power and data to various desks and teaching spaces. In order to resolve this problem, a desk management system was implemented to maximise occupancy. 

Crofton is responsible for monitoring contractor progress, workmanship and specification compliance during this installation phase. As well as making sure all client requirements are met, it will be important for us to be an integral part of the project team in order to assist in the smooth running of the project.