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Howick Place

Situated in the heart of historic Westminster, Howick Place is a mixed-use building comprising:
• 130,000 sq ft offices
• 23 residential apartments
• 10 affordable apartments
• 2,000 sq ft retail

The site is being redeveloped with a new building to provide category A office space, quality residential and retail space. Crofton Design has been commissioned as part of the design team with MITIE Engineering to provide full M&E services for the redevelopment project across the whole building.

Engineering services have been developed to maximize carbon reduction opportunities, incorporating the following technologies:
• Ground source heat pump
• Communal residential heating / hot water
• Passive solar shading
• Solar photovoltaics
• CHP coupled to absorbsion chiller

Russell Thompson, Technical Manager Engineering Services at MITIE commented;

"Crofton Design form an integral part of the Howick Place design team by understanding the client’s requirements and thinking outside the box to provide practical, workable solutions. For example, their problem-solving abilities were demonstrated through the release of valuable additional floor space by re-designing the plant room.”