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Institute of Cancer Research

Crofton has undertaken a number of commissions for The Institute of Cancer Research.

Projects have included full M&E design for complex research laboratories and offices, feasibility studies in support of funding applications and detailed surveys providing record documentation for existing laboratory buildings.

Brookes Lawley Building

Crofton was commissioned to provide full M&E design to convert general offices to research laboratories on the first floor.

The works included installation of CO2 gas supplies, specialised ventilation systems for CAT2 laboratory spaces together with fume cupboard extract.

Crofton was subsequently commissioned to design a detailed reconfiguration of existing laboratories in the Brookes Lawley Building.

Both of these projects were further complicated by keeping the rest of the building operational during construction. Disruptive works and power shut downs had to be limited to certain hours during the working day to ensure minimum interruptions.

Glen House

Crofton Design undertook the detailed design of the refurbishment of this open plan office located in London.

The client’s requirement was primarily for training accommodation to include a computer training facility, seminar rooms, office accommodation and hot-desk space for general staff use.

The project involved the provision of full air conditioning and ventilation, new lighting and controls.

Heat recovery ventilation units combined with a multi-split air conditioning system were used to address the intensive heat gains and ventilation requirements.

Equipment selection and control was carefully considered to suit the intermittent pattern of use for the various spaces in order to minimise energy use in the building.