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Public Sector

Kent County Council

Ashford Gateway Plus is a joint scheme between Kent County Council, Ashford Borough Council and Ashford Future’s to provide library services, adult education, Social Services, council housing and benefit advice and a new civil wedding ceremony venue all in a new three storey building.

The design of the M&E services for the building has been particularly challenging, and there have been a number of issues to address. As the building is mechanically ventilated throughout, this has resulted in a significant amount of ductwork within the ceiling void.  Working closely with the architect and structural engineer, the ductwork has been co-ordinated within the structure to enable the smallest possible void and the highest possible ceiling height.

A further consideration has been the number of stakeholders involved in the decision-making process has been greater than other projects, due to the number of different agencies which will be housed in the building. This has resulted in in many design changes, in particular the electrical side where the quantity of small power and data and the security installations such as access control have been heavily debated. To ensure all stakeholders were in agreement with the provision of the electrical services, Crofton chaired several client workshops where all stakeholders were present to discuss each room in detail before reaching a consensus and signing off.