Excellence in Engineering


Medway NHS Foundation Trust

The existing eight theatre complex within the hospital was increased by the addition of two new theatre suites specialising in Vascular operations. To accommodate these twin theatres, the existing TSSU (theatre sterilizing services unit) had to be safely decommissioned, downsized and moved to another part of the hospital.

The existing air handling plant was salvaged and upgraded to meet HTM 2025 pressure controlled theatre air conditioning standards and converted into 2 zones to serve the theatres. Due to the nature of the operations performed in these theatres the air conditioning was delivered by UCV (ultra clean ventilation) canopies providing laminar flow over the operating tables and incorporating high efficiency HEPA filtration.

The canopies also featured twin headed surgeon lights and incorporated a video camera and suspended monitor with the capability of relaying video pictures of the operations to remote screens. The hoods further incorporated adjustable swing booms carrying medical gases, electrical supplies and data points. The electrical supplies were provided through an IPS to meet new NHS ‘MEGAN’ safety standards. UPS systems were installed to give safe uninterrupted power back up to essential equipment.

Full medical gases were provided to each theatre suite and to an extension of the recovery room from the existing hospital system and two new duplex AGSS (anaesthetic gas scavenging system) vacuum pump sets were installed in the plant room to safely remove waste anaesthetic gas from the theatres and the recovery room.

Water services and above ground soil and waste drainage were provided to the Theatres, Ancillary Rooms and Recovery Rooms. Surgeon Panels backed by UPS supplies were provided in each Theatre with the whole project being controlled and networked through the hospital BMS system via new BMS outstations. Full electrical services were provided throughout the project including general and specialist surgical lighting, switch rooms, essential and non-essential power, data, nurse call systems, fire alarms, small power and ancillaries.